Funitel + Plaza Upgrades
A Funitel electrical project, a new Gondola Plaza, + new snowmaking systems on the lower mountain at Palisades
A full redesign has been completed for the Funitel entrance, the gondola terminal and the area surrounding the Member’s Locker Room. We created a new, accessible central plaza, pushing back the snow beach to start on the south side of the Funitel building. This plaza allows for easier access from The Village to the lifts and addresses both stormwater and snowmelt management. Additionally, the Funitel underwent a major electrical maintenance upgrade this summer, and new snowmaking systems were installed on both Julia’s Gold and lower Red Dog Face.

Funitel + Plaza FAQs

The current area between the Funitel entrance, the new Gondola terminal and the Member’s Locker Room have been transformed into a new plaza. To contend with the slope in that area, it has been leveled and tiered, and a ramp now extends from the existing Village cobblestone to the Funi entrance. The steps leading to the Funitel entrance were reduced to only two, and the design allows for the snow to meet the plaza on the south side of the Funitel building.
Automated fan guns were installed to replace the existing snow guns used on both of these trails. Given its elevation, the lower mountain usually needs the most assistance when it comes to covering our trails with snow. These trails are used in numerous snowsports competitions each season, and having state-of-the-art, remotely-controlled snowmaking systems servicing the terrain will create a superior snow surface for races and moguls competitions, and ensure we can provide reliable, intermediate terrain right out of the base area for all guests.
The expansion of the Funitel Plaza has created easier access from The Village to the lifts, and addresses both stormwater and snowmelt management in that area. In the spring months, that area used to get very muddy as the snow receded, creating issues for skiers and riders attempting to walk through the area to access the Funi or other base area lifts.
The Funitel underwent a $4M overhaul of its electrical, power and control systems. As a crucial connection between the lower and upper mountain at Palisades, the Funitel is one of the most important lifts at the resort, and this investment will ensure that the Funitel continues to operate smoothly.