Palisades Tahoe's Ski & Snowboard Teams
Palisades Tahoe's rich competitive heritage spans decades and includes athletes who have gone on to compete in national, World Cup, and Olympic events. Alumni include Marco Sullivan, Tamara McKinney, Jonny Moseley, Travis Ganong, and Julia Mancuso - just to name a few. Our competitive ski and snowboard programs are designed to offer all ages a team environment to learn alpine racing, big mountain, and freestyle skills for staying safe and having fun on the snow.

With the Palisades Tahoe Foundation providing support, the legacy remains strong. Additionally, world-class training in moguls and park/pipe is offered through Olympic Valley Freestyle and Freeride Team, an independent non-profit ski team supported by Palisades Tahoe.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the best development opportunities for personal and athletic achievement while instilling a passion for snow sports and appreciation for our Olympic history, legacy, and legendary mountains.

Worry-Free Guarantee

The Worry-Free Deadline has now passed. All seasonal sales are final.

Payment Plans

Customers will have the options to pay in full or participate in a payment plan. Payment plans are not available past 10/15/21. Please see program pages for pricing.

Payment Due Dates
Pricing DatesInitial Deposit8/15/20219/15/202110/15/2021
Tier One6/18-7/2825%25%25%25%
Tier Two7/29-9/150%--50%
Tier Three9/2-End of Season50%--50%

Contact or your coach for scheduling and communications. DRIVN subscription required for Training and Communication, please contact your Team Manager or the Team Administrative office for access. For questions, please call 530-452-7270.

Palisades Tahoe Ski & Snowboard Teams

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