ADA Accessibility and Services

Disabled guests are always welcome and can enjoy full access to the Palisades Tahoe facilities and seasonal access to the mountain.

Notify us in advance of special accommodations:
Please call 1-800-403-0206 or 1-800-735-2929 (TTY)
There are several accessible ADA Parking areas for resort guests with Handicap Parking permits for access to our facilities.

  • North Side of Village
  • East Side of Village
  • South Side of Village
  • SnoVentures
  • Far East
  • Olympic Valley Lodge
    There are several wheelchair accessible restrooms in the base area.

    • Village– two public accessible restrooms are located in the Village. Street signs will direct you to the restrooms.
    • Tram– located on the main level of the Tram building, accessible via the ramp on the South side of the building. Restroom is located on the south side of the building on the lobby level.
    • O House– three of the four levels of the O House have accessible bathrooms. Only the KT Kitchen/Bar One level does NOT have an ADA bathroom on that level. A permanently mount stair climber is located next to the KT Kitchen (food court) for access to the Pocket Bar level accessible restrooms. Or go out the door onto the KT Deck and in the doors to Pocket Bar
    • Plaza Bar– restrooms are located on the other side of the bar.
    • Wildflour Level– restrooms are in the back South side corner.
    • Pocket Bar/Dave’s Deli– restrooms are up the ramp and to the right.
    • Far East Center– East side of Building
    • SnoVentures– North side of Building
    • High Camp– accessible restrooms are available at High Camp
    • Gold Coast- accessible restrooms are available at Gold Coast
    There are three zero entry guest entrances to the Palisades base area. Guest pathways in the base area are comprised of block pavers, asphalt and concrete. All access points are very close to the heart of the base area.

    • North side of Village access is closest to the Tram, Ticket Sales, O House.
    • East side of Village access is closest to Village Check In, Conference Rooms and Village stores.
    • South side of Village– access is closest to the Tahoe Truckee Medical Group, Members Looker Room, Funitel and on snow access.
    Palisades Tahoe allows the use of adaptive devices or other “manually-powered mobility aids” designed for use on the ski slopes. Adaptive devices are any specialized equipment that has been designed and manufactured primarily for use by individuals who have disabilities, including: ski bikes, mono-skis, bi skis, outriggers, and sit-skis. The Disabled Sports America Center provides instruction and will arrange the use of such mobility devices when requested in advance to ensure qualified instructors are available. For those that have disabilities and choose to use ski bikes outside of an instructional setting, we ask that you contact Dispatch (Palisades: 530-452-7145 or Alpine: 530 581-8223) prior to your visit to schedule a time for Ski Patrol to inspect your equipment. The use of ski bikes, snow skates, sled dogs, etc. by those without adaptive needs is prohibited.
    Ticket Windows
    Wheelchair Accessible Ticket Window and the Season Pass Office is located across from the Funitel and inside the Tram Building.
    All guests interested in accessing the mountain are required to have a lift ticket or season pass.

    O House

    O House facilities Wildflour Level, KT Kitchen/Bar One Level and Pocket Bar Level are accessible from the walkways. Plaza bar is accessible via the elevator adjacent to the loading dock. A Resort Host can help direct guest to the elevator

    High Camp/Tram
    Tram lobby is accessible via a ramp on the South side.
    High Camp facilities are accessible via several small elevators including access to all F&B outlets. Accessible restrooms are available.

    Gold Coast/Funitel

    Funitel is accessible entrance is located on the North side of the building off of the pavers. The elevator to access the Funitel loading level is located immediately to the left as you enter the building. A Resort Host can assist you in loading the Funitel.
    Gold Coast Complex is accessible at all three levels via an elevator located next to the entrance to Starbucks.

    OVL - Corporate Office/Grand Ballroom
    The main conference space (Grand Room) located on the second level is accessible via a ramp on the North West corner of the building.
    Winter Policy

    Palisades Tahoe has determined that the use of any power-driven devices or vehicles by the public on the mountain (including other power-driven mobility devices used by individuals with mobility disabilities), creates an unsafe environment for both the user and the public based on the experiences of other ski resorts and Palisades Tahoe’s experience with motorized equipment on the ski slopes generally and with particular attention to various types of power-driven personal mobility devices. Injuries resulting from the use of such devices on the slopes can be more serious than other types of risks and expose the user and other skiers/snowboarders to a greater risk than non-power driven adaptive devices, particularly in the case of collisions with other skiers and snowboarders. These safety concerns are compounded by our facility’s volume of skiers and snowboarders. These safety requirements are based on actual risks and are not intended to be discriminatory in any way; such devices cannot be used by non-disabled persons as well. Use of most power-driven mobility devices are authorized in the base village area.

    Summer Policy

    The use of any power-driven devices or vehicles by the public on the mountain (including power-driven mobility devices designed solely for use by individuals with disabilities) in summer is not allowed at any time. Palisades Tahoe has determined that the use of such devices creates a substantial risk of not only serious harm to other users of the resort, but also to the immediate environment and natural resources. Due to the need to address soil integrity, erosion and vegetative concerns, Palisades has adopted a “no motorized” policy for the public during the summer season. Use of power-driven mobility devices are authorized in the base village area in the summer.
    Under the ADA, service animals are dogs (and in certain cases miniature horses) that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities, including but not limited to: guiding people who are visually impaired, alerting people who are hearing impaired, pulling wheelchairs, opening doors, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, or performing other special tasks. Service animals are working animals, not pets and no other types of animals, including what are commonly referred to as emotional support, comfort or crime deterrent animals qualify as service animals under the ADA.

    Service animals are allowed into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go (miniature horses are evaluated on a case by case basis). Palisades Tahoe has determined, based on precedent at other ski and summer resorts and other factors, that it is not a good safety practice to allow service animals on open ski lifts; however, service animals are allowed on the Funitel and Tram, depending on size and other safety concerns.

    The allowance of service animals at the resort is subject to two exceptions: (1) the animal is out of control and the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it; or (2) the animal is not housebroken. A service animal shall have a harness, leash, or other tether, unless either the handler is unable because of a disability to use a harness, leash, or other tether, or the use of a harness, leash, or other tether would interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of work of tasks, in which case the service animal must be otherwise under the handler’s control (e.g. voice control, signals, or other effective means).
    Palisades Tahoe Service SuggestionsWe strive to provide a great experience for guests with disabilities and welcome an opportunity to improve in this area. If you believe we were not in full compliance in connection with our obligations in this area in any way at all, please let us know by email to or Palisades Tahoe PO Box 2007 Olympic Valley, Ca 96146, Attn: Syd Earley. Alternative means of communication, such as personal interviews or a tape recording will be made available upon request.

    Palisades Tahoe is committed to delivering a web experience that provides equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Website accessibility information is found by following the link at the bottom of every webpage titled “Accessibility.” If you have trouble accessing any part, of our website please send an email to or contact

    We are a proud partner and host of Achieve Tahoe. More information about programs offered by Achieve Tahoe can be found on our website or their site or by calling 530.581.4161.