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Weekends & Holidays
A program for ages 5-10 designed to help young riders develop skills, teamwork, & passion for snowboarding.

The Mighty Riders Snowboard program (for ages 5 -10) is designed to help young riders develop strong fundamental skills, learn to be part of a team, and gain joy and passion for snowboarding that will carry over to the older age groups. Coaches focus on progressive skill acquisition/development, aerial skills, knowledge of the snowboarder’s responsibility code and safe riding, respect for the mountain and having fun. Each participant will gain a solid snowboarding foundation that will enable him or her to continue with one of our competitive snowboard programs and will have confidence in variable and challenging terrain to help instill a life-long love of riding.

Team fees DO NOT include a season pass. Purchase of the Ikon Pass is required.

Call 530-452-7270 or email skiteam@palisadestahoe.com.
21/22 Programming

SVAM Mighty Riders
Weekend & Holiday
Wednesday/Thursday*Friday Add-On
DatesDec 2021 - April 2022
Jan 2022 - March 2022Jan 2022 - March 2022
1:15-4pm9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm
Offered TrainingWeekends & Holidays
Wednesdays and Thursdays (non-holiday)Fridays (non-holiday)

*NEW! Friday Add-On program: Available exclusively to athletes registered for Wednesday-Thursday or Weekend & Holiday Mighty Riders program; must be registered for MR Weekend & Holiday or MR Wednesday-Thursday team.

Program Guidelines

PassMust purchase Ikon Pass. Ikon Base Pass conflicts with team dates.
AgeWeekend and Holiday program must be 7-10 years old as of Dec 31 of current season. Wed-Thurs Program must be 5-10 years old by Dec 31, 2021.
Skill PrerequisiteConfident on all terrain
  • Must be able to ski & load/ride the chair unaccompanied
  • Must be independent; able to conduct oneself appropriately when unaccompanied
  • Must be able to participate in a full day of training without parent interaction
EquipmentBoard: At least 1 board in good, well-tuned condition
Boots: must be properly fit (size/flex) and in excellent working order
Protection: Helmet & Back Protector (Recommended)

ScheduleTeam Calendar
ParticipationAthletes are expected to participate in 50% of more of the offered training
Annual Training Plan70-90% coached/directed freeskiing
10-25% coached drills
Pick Up / Drop OffCommunicated by Manager through team platform
SupervisionAthletes 9 & older are NOT supervised for periods of time and may be required to take breaks, eat lunch, to ride and/or load chairs unaccompanied.
LunchThis program will not offer a lunch for the 2020-2021 Season. Schedules will include an extended snack break and end at 12:30pm.
Licenses/DuesDependent on competition level; details to come from coaches
CompetitionsDependent on competition level; athletes will have the opportunity to compete locally, nationally, & internationally.
TravelDependent on competition level
  • Required to attend parent orientation.
  • Required to remain on-site during team.
  • Must actively communicate the needs of athlete including planned absences and injuries.
  • Must register for competitions in a timely manner per team communication.
  • Must complete Team Agreement (Code of Conduct)
  • Must remain actively engaged with Team communication method(s) and check schedule/updates regularly.
CommunicationDRIVN subscription required for Training and Communication, please contact your Team Manager or the Team Administrative office for access.
Challenging WeatherOur goal is to snowboard every calendared Team day. Teams are delayed or canceled on occasion due to weather & operations. Team schedule adjustments will be communicated through Team communication platforms as information is readily available.

Program Pricing

PricingWeekend & HolidayWednesday/ThursdayFriday Add-on
PassPASS NOT INCLUDED. Must purchase an Ikon Pass. Ikon Base Pass may conflict with team dates.
Team UniformPurchase of Team uniform is required.
Program PlacementParticipants may be required to switch to a more appropriate program, if available, at the discretion of the Team Manager.

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