While note required, we recommend that all rentals be booked online in advance at least 48 hours ahead of time. Our expert staff will help fit you to the boots, skis, or board that you need. Helmets are also available for rent.

We recommend that all demo equipment be booked online in advance at least 48 hours ahead of time. We will ensure that you've selected the best gear for conditions during your visit. You are able to try more than one set of demo gear throughout the day, and we also have options for demo-to-buy.

Tuning & Repairs
Walk up to either tuning center, located in the rental shops in the Alpine Lodge or The Village at Palisades Tahoe. We will assess your gear and give you an expected timeframe for tuning or repair.

Ski Rental Delivery
Palisades Tahoe now offers ski & snowboard rental delivery through our partnership with Ski Butlers. Ski Butlers' delivery, on-snow support, and pick-up services provide you with a convenient and simple rental experience, giving you more time on vacation and more time enjoying the mountain. Expert ski technicians provide custom fittings in the comfort of your accommodations, offering a private and personal fitting experience.