The High Camp Experience
At Olympic Valley
Surrounded with sun-drenched views of Lake Tahoe, a mountaintop playground, and the freedom to roam at 8,200’, the High Camp Experience is as much a stunning backdrop for nature lovers as it is an easy escape for mountain explorers.
A couple waving to the aerial Tram on a hike in the summer at Squaw Valley A couple waving to the aerial Tram on a hike in the summer at Squaw Valley
It All Starts Here
Climb over 2,000 feet with a bird's-eye-view of Lake Tahoe's high alpine region.
The gateway to High Camp starts in The Village at Palisades Tahoe, where you'll embark on a 10-minute tram ride and soar above a mountainscape of creeks, waterfalls, forests, granite rock, and the iconic Tram Face. With 360 views and panoramic vistas of Lake Tahoe and an interpretive guide at the helm, your summer at Olympic Valley comes to life before you even reach the top.

Aerial Tram Tickets
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Getting to the top is only the start of the High Camp Experience. 
When the Aerial Tram doors open, step outside and enter a landscape surrounded by vast alpine meadows, rugged mountain peaks, and trails that lead all the way to Canada. Choose from a number of adventurous and unique activities when you visit.

Base Area Activities

Enjoy shops, restaurants, activities, & lodging in the Base Area hub where you'll start or end your High Camp Experience. 

When To Visit

From surging waterfalls in late spring to colorful foliage in the fall, nature's own agenda means something new is always in season. 

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