General Information

  1. You can turn in, report, and claim lost items in the Tram Building in The Village at Palisades Tahoe, or a the Mountain Host desk in the breezeway of the Alpine Lodge.
  2. We do not loan out equipment to guests.
  3. We will mail small items such as cell phones, IDs, credit cards, wallets, clothing, etc.
  4. We will NOT mail large items or ski/snowboard equipment.

Please Note: an accurate description of the item(s) is needed, and your photo ID will be required in order to claim an item. Once an item has been turned in, we will do our best to contact you to inform you that there is an item to be picked up or we will call if we need more information on the item you have lost.

Item Information


  • Hats, gloves, clothing, buffs, books, chargers, poles, boots, shoes, etc. are donated after 30 days


  • Keys, wallets, flash drives, cameras, etc. are kept for 90 days
  • Bank Cards are shredded after 72 hours
  • Ski/Snowboard Equipment and Jewelry will be kept until the end of the Winter season
Lost Item Inquiry

If you are inquiring about a lost item, please fill out the online form below or call 530-452-7185. Our staff will review your information and will contact you if your item is turned in to our office.