Make the most out of your child's day on the slopes by reading over our helpful parent tips.

  • Arrive at registration early. It can take up to 30 minutes to register.
  • Your child will need time to pick up their equipment, adjust to the surroundings, and meet other children and instructors without feeling rushed.
  • Olympic Valley Kids School private lessons will meet behind the Olympic Valley Kids School building. Alpine Meadows Kids private lessons will meet on the snow outside of the rental shop between Roundhouse lift and Treeline Cirque lift.
  • Olympic Valley Kids group lessons for 8-13 year olds will check in at the Olympic Valley Kids School's front door.
  • Olympic Valley Kids group lessons for 8-13 year olds will check in on the snow outside of the rental shop.
  • All children participating in a lesson are required to have a signed release of liability every season.
  • Review our ski & snowboard level descriptions to know which level your child is. Instructors will evaluate during the lesson individually, but can be difficult if the child's skills are marked too high. Class adjustments may be made during the lesson. A child's skill level can change with the snow conditions.

What to Bring

Please label all belongings and make sure children are equipped with the following when they enroll:
  • Sunscreen above SPF 15
  • Face covering with two or more layers.
  • Appropriate layered clothing to be outdoors for several hours, no need for a hat because our rental package includes a HELMET (Helmets are required)
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens. If it is snowing consider bringing a second pair
  • Goggles are required on a windy or snowy day and goggles or sunglasses on a sunny day
  • Don't forget to add a snack in your child's pocket.

Other Information
  • Parents who wish to watch children in their lesson should watch from a distance to help keep the child's attention on the instructor.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to pick up your child if you would like to talk to your child's instructor.
  • Each child will receive a digital report card which will be emailed to you after the close of the lesson so that parents will know what skills were worked on in the class. Instructors will also make suggestions for the next step of instruction.
  • Be supportive and encouraging with your child no matter how they do in class.
  • Remember, children all learn at different rates and weather conditions play a big part.
  • Please note that these programs are on-snow and physically demanding. Palisades Tahoe's Ski & Snowboard Schools are not daycare facilities.
    • Palisades Tahoe Ski & Snowboard School at Olympic Valley
      • Directions: Drive up Squaw Valley Road, take a left onto Village East Road. See map below.

      Please note: The Kids Ski and Snowboard School at Olympic Valley building entrance is pedestrian friendly by restricting vehicle access to only those who need accessible access. There is no drop-off area directly in front of the Olympic Valley Ski and Snowboard School building.

      Palisades Tahoe Ski & Snowboard School at Alpine Meadows
      • Kids Ski and Snowboard School at Alpine Meadows is located on the lower level of the Base Lodge
      • You are welcome to park temporarily in the drop-off area just below the Alpine Meadows base lodge while checking into Kids Ski & Snowboard School

    • Children's Chairlift Riding Code of Conduct
      We have developed a children's chairlift code of conduct to help all of us educate our young skiers and riders about the importance of following chairlift best practices. Please take an active role in educating your child on the following guidelines.

      1. Behave and be respectful of your team mates and others when you are in line, loading the chair, riding the chair, and unloading the chair.
      2. When you are loading the chair, move promptly from the WAIT HERE board to the LOAD HERE board.
      3. At the LOAD HERE board:
      • Hold your poles in your inside hand
      • Look back and to the outside
      • Grab outside of chair as it approaches
      4. While you are riding the chair, DO NOT play with skis or boards and DO NOT play with the restraining bar.
      5. If the lift stops, DO NOT turn around or play around on the chair.
      6. After you unload the chair
      • Move away from the unloading ramp
      • Stay out of the way of others
      • Wait for your coach or instructor
      Children that violate this Code of Conduct will be appropriately reprimanded up to and including termination from our program.
      The following websites provide helpful information for preparing your children to ride chairlifts safely: NSAA, Lids on Kids, and Freestyle Terrain.

      *Please be advised that your child may be riding lifts alone, with other children, or with adults while enrolled in group or private lessons or Teams. Please advise a Supervisor or Head Coach if you do not wish for your child to ride a chair lift."
    • Do the children ski all day? Do they have playtime?
      Yes the children ski or snowboard all day in our full day program. Our programs are physically demanding but we do have classes take breaks when needed. Children in our Pioneer program also take a snack break.

      Can my 3 year old take a nap in the afternoon?
      Palisade Tahoe's Ski & Snowboard School does not offer Day Care so we do not nap. We offer a morning half day for the Pioneers so if your child needs a nap you can still join us.

      What if my child doesn’t want to ski anymore after the lesson starts?
      We try to encourage the child to ski. If they truly do not want to participate, we may then call the parent. We can process a credit depending on the time parent picks up. In addition, we will charge a processing fee.

      Can my 5 year old be in my 12 year olds class? They are both beginners.
      Cognitive and physical skills are different for each age group and we find that learning takes place with the appropriate age groups. Please speak with a supervisor upon arrival if you have any questions.

      Can I keep my child’s equipment after the lesson?
      The equipment is good for the full day. Equipment needs to be returned by 4:00pm. Olympic Valley's Kids School rental equipment is for daily use. If child is taking multiple lessons with us, they may check their skis overnight at the Olympic Valley Kids outdoor rental shed. When returning at Alpine Meadows Kids School, let the rental staff know that you are coming back tomorrow and they will put the equipment aside.

      Do you take the three year olds on chairlifts?
      Yes, when they can turn and stop. We review chairlift safety with all children.

      Can I pick up my child early from the lesson?
      Yes, if it does not disrupt the class. Parent needs to have the claim check. The Instructor may not have time to discuss child’s progress unless the parent comes back after the class is over.

      What time is pickup? Where is pickup?
      Full day: 3:15pm. Half day Morning: 12:15pm. Half day Afternoon: 3:30pm.
      At Olympic Valley's Kids School: Pioneers pick up in Pioneer room, Snowboarders upstairs in cafeteria, Explorers and Mountaineers outside below the Murphy Carpet.
      At Alpine Meadows' Kids School: Pioneers, Explorers, and Grommets pick up is inside the fence at the magic carpet. Mountaineers and Jibbers pick up is outside at the Ski and Snowboard School meeting area.

      What number do I call to check on my child?
      530-452-7225 Olympic Valley Kids School
      530-581-8334 Alpine Meadows Kids School

      I am going to the Casinos, is that ok?
      Parents or Guardians of children under the age of 5 are required to remain at Olympic Valley or Alpine Meadows Parents or guardians should not leave the area in bad weather and or bad road conditions.

      What is the latest time I can arrive in the morning?
      The latest time to arrive with a reservation is 9:15am. Without a reservation, guests should arrive at Olympic Valley's Kids School building or the Alpine Meadows ticket lobby around 8:30am. We highly recommend making an advanced reservation to ensure your child a spot in one of our lessons.