• Adaptive Season Pass
      Palisades Tahoe offers discounted products and services to guests with disabilities. Please read the below requirements to see if you qualify for our adaptive discounts. If you would like to request your pass(es) be mailed to you, please fill out this form if your visiting dates are more than 14 days from your initial request.

      • Amputations: Any single or combination of hand, arm, foot, leg amputations.
      • Blind: Legally blind (20/200 in the good eye) to totally blind. Individuals with one good eye are not candidates. Physician diagnosis is required.
      • Cognitive Disabilities: A mental impairment that affects the ability to process information and/or coordinate and control the body, which limits the individual’s ability to navigate the mountain safely and independently. (e.g. Severe Cognitive impairments, Autism, Down Syndrome, TBI-traumatic brain injury that results in severe cognitive impairments. An IEP is required for children with cognitive disabilities.) Individuals that are on social security disability will be reviewed case by case however this does not qualify someone for an adaptive pass.
      • Physical Disabilities: Any individual with a permanent physical disability that requires adaptive equipment or adaptive ski technique. Having a disability or illness alone does not qualify for an adaptive pass. Individuals that are on social security disability will be reviewed case by case.
      Examples of cases that do not qualify: Asthma unless the individual is dependent on oxygen. Severe back pain unless the individual requires a wheelchair or adaptive equipment. The disability must affect day-to-day functions.

      Please note: Adaptive season pass application & required forms are mandatory upon purchase.

      Adaptive Season Pass Rates
      Pass TypeRate
      Adults (Ages 19+)$225
      Young Adult (18 & under)$95
    • Adaptive Lift Tickets
      Adaptive Lift Tickets are available for walk-up sales at both Palisades and Alpine. You must provide proof of disability in line with the parameters listed above.

      Adaptive Lift Ticket Rates



      Adult (19+) Adaptive 1 Day


      Adult (19+) Adaptive 1 Day Guide
      Offered with purchase of Adult Adaptive ticket or pass*


      Youth (5-18) Adaptive 1 Day


      Youth (5-18) Adaptive 1 Day Guide
      Offered with purchase of Youth Adaptive ticket or pass*

      * Guide tickets are only offered to guests of the adaptive skier or rider to assist with getting on and off the chairlift.

      If you would like to request your Adaptive Pass or lift tickets to be mailed, please fill out the Mailing Request Form. Please allow 12 business days to receive your product in the mail.
    • Adaptive Ski Equipment
      Palisades Tahoe allows the use of adaptive devices or other “manually-powered mobility aids” designed for use on the ski slopes. Adaptive devices are any specialized equipment that has been designed and manufactured primarily for use by individuals who have disabilities, including: ski bikes, mono-skis, bi skis, outriggers, and sit-skis. The Disabled Sports America Center provides instruction and will arrange the use of such mobility devices when requested in advance to ensure qualified instructors are available. For those that have disabilities and choose to use ski bikes outside of an instructional setting, we ask that you contact Dispatch (Palisades: 530-452-7145 or Alpine: 530 581-8223) prior to your visit to schedule a time for Ski Patrol to inspect your equipment. The use of ski bikes, snow skates, sled dogs, etc. by those without adaptive needs is prohibited.

    Achieve Tahoe

    Achieve Tahoe, formerly Disabled Sports USA Far West, leads the way in adaptive sports and recreation for people with disabilities. With over 40 years’ experience, their trained staff and volunteers guide people with disabilities in discovering life without limits. They are a PSIA Member Ski School (Professional Ski Instructors of America). Their PSIA certified instructors and trained volunteers make skiing or snowboarding possible for anyone with physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities.