Rhiana Jones is of Wášiw and Akimel O’odham decent and grew up in the Hung-a-lel-ti community in Woodfords, California. Rhiana holds a Master of Science degree in Plant and Environmental Science with a minor in Applied Statistics, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany. She has worked on projects relating to invasive species encroachment in Costa Rica, climate change effects on flowering times and bumblebee emergence, and preservation of Indigenous Knowledge Systems of native bees in Bolivia. Rhiana has been with the Washoe Environmental Protection Department for over 2 years and enjoys working with the community to preserve and protect Washoe homelands. Rhiana is passionate about ethnobotany, conservation, and sustainability. In her free time she enjoys scientific illustration, hiking, and swimming in Lake Tahoe.

Wa She Shu: “The Washoe People” Past and Present
The Washoe Tribe has created this booklet that summarizes historical and current information about the tribe. They feel that this knowledge will help residents and visitors form a more respectful and complete understanding of Lake Tahoe and the area surrounding it. The Washoe request that you assist in preserving this environment to benefit future generations.

The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California

For more information on the Washoe Tribe, visit their website.
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