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Full Time
This is a program for strong independent skiers & snowboarders ages 11 – 21.

This program is for those who want to improve their racing abilities in a competitive skier cross atmosphere. Skier cross courses have rollers, jumps, and banked turns. We offer start-gate training, gate training with features and without, Woodward training, and we work on all-mountain skiing to develop strong, competitive athletes. In this program, athletes are given the opportunity to reach their own goals including striving for the NORAM events, Rev Tour events, USASA events and national championships and the US Ski Cross Team. Team fees DO NOT include a season pass. Purchase of the Ikon Pass is required.

Call 530-452-7270 or email skiteam@palisadestahoe.com. DRIVN subscription required for Training and Communication, please contact your Team Manager or the Team Administrative office for access.

21/22 Programming

Ski & Board Cross Program
Full Time
Weekend & Holiday
Dec 2021 - April 2022
Dec 2021 - April 2022
See Teams Communications8:45am-2:30pm
Offered Training
5 days per week
Weekends & Holidays

Program Guidelines

Ski Snowboard Cross Expectations
PassMust purchase Ikon Pass. Ikon Base Pass may conflict with team dates.
AgeMust be 11-21 years old as of December 31, 2021
Skill PrerequisiteConfident on all terrain; two week trial period for all new members to Ski Cross Team

  • Must be able to ride and load/ride chair unaccompanied
  • Must be independent; able to conduct oneself appropriately when unaccompanied
  • Must be able to participate in a full day of training without parent interaction
EquipmentSkis/Boards: At least 1 pair of race skis and/or board in good, well-tuned condition
Boots: Must be properly fit (size/flex) and in excellent working order
Protection: Helmet & Back Protector (Recommended)
ScheduleTeam Calendar via DRIVN: request access through Teams office
Friday TrainingRequires being registered for the Full-Time Team whether pre-competition or supplemental
ParticipationAthletes are expected to participate in 50% or more of the offered training
Annual Training Plan70-90% coached/directed riding
10-25% coached drills
Pick Up / Drop OffCommunicated by Head Coach through Team Platform
SupervisionAthletes 11 & older are NOT supervised for periods of time and may be required to take breaks, eat lunch, to ride and/or load chair unaccompanied.
LunchLunch is not provided. Parents are expected to provide the athlete with a healthy snack & nutritious lunch.
CompetitionDependent on competition level; athletes will have the opportunity to compete locally, nationally, & internationally.
TravelDependent on competition level.
  • Required to attend parent orientation
  • Resort Charge requested on Athlete's pass
  • Required to remain on-site during team
  • This is not a beginner/first-timers program. Children must meet the skill prerequisite & enjoy outdoor sports.
  • You must dress your child warmer than you dress yourself.
  • Must complete Team Agreement (Code of Conduct)
  • Must remain actively engaged with Team communication method(s) and check schedule/updates regularly.
CommunicationParents must maintain an active account with DRIVN after enrollment is complete; request access through the Teams office.
Challenging WeatherOur goal is to ski every calendared Team day. Teams are delayed or canceled on occasion due to weather & operations. Team schedule adjustments will be communicated through DRIVN as information is readily available.

PricingFull TimeWeekend & HolidayFriday Add-On
PassPass not included. Must purchase an Ikon Pass. Ikon Base pass conflicts with team dates.
Team UniformPurchase of Team Uniform is optional.
Program PlacementParticipants may be required to switch to a more appropriate program, if available, at the discretion of the Team Manager.

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