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    • Employee Housing
      Employee Housing is extremely limited at Palisades Tahoe, especially during the winter season. The first requirement is securing a full time job offer.

      The vast majority of our employees conduct their own external search and live outside employee housing. Ask us for a copy of our Arranging Housing Guide to assist you in your search. If you would like to be added to the Housing Interest list, please contact housing@palisadestahoe.com. We are excited you are interested in joining our team! Please keep in mind we cannot guarantee housing to anyone.

      Finding housing in North Lake Tahoe requires advance planning. We recommend that you exhaust all resources. Below is a non-exclusive list of agencies, individuals and lodging properties that may have temporary/long-term housing available. There is also more information located in the Human Resources office, located at the Olympic Village Lodge in Olympic Valley.

      Additionally, please check out and join these Facebook Groups:
      • Palisades Tahoe Jobs: This is a good group to join to connect with other employees who have available housing and/or to find housemates
      • North Tahoe Renters: A Facebook group specifically designated for renting to locals.

    • Things You Should Know

      Distance from Palisades Tahoe to:
      • Tahoe City 7.7 mi
      • Sunnyside 9.7 mi
      • Dollar Point 10.8 mi
      • Truckee 11.7 mi
      • Carnelian Bay 11.9 mi
      • Homewood 13.6 mi
      • Tahoe Vista 15.6 mi
      • Tahoma 16 mi
      • Kings Beach 17 mi
      • Incline Village 22.4 mi
      • South Lake Tahoe 37 mi

      • Deposits: It is common practice to pay a deposit when moving in. You will receive the money back at the end of the lease ONLY if the property is in the same condition as the start of the lease. Security deposits will be provided AFTER participants have left for the season. They will assess housing damage before returning any money! Remember: Clean your rental completely before move out or you can be charged. Remove clothing, food and anything else you may have bought during your stay that was not there when you moved in.
      • Rent: Paid monthly, ranging from $400 to $500 per person to share a bedroom
      • Utilities: Landlords may or may not include utilities (water, sewer, heat, trash removal) in the total price of your rent. This is a question you should ask before signing a lease. It may be your responsibility to sign up for your own utilities.
      • Internet: Most landlords will not provide internet service. If you want to set up internet service, you will need to arrange on your own.
      • Phone Service: It is your responsibility to establish home phone or landline service. Most individuals use their personal cell phone. Be aware cell service is not 100% reliable in all locations.
      For all questions related to Housing, please email the Housing Coordinator at housing@palisadestahoe.com.