Thanks to Lake Tahoe's second snowiest winter on record, we are extending our ski and snowboard season into the summer! Operations will look a bit different this year than in summers past. Here's what to expect for our operations schedule every month through July:

Important Operations Impacts:
  • Operating Hours will be from 8am-2pm.
  • For Memorial Day Weekend, the Palisades side will be closed Wednesday 5/24 and Thursday 5/25. It will be open from 8am-2pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Monday will be the last day of ski and ride operations at Palisades for the winter season.
  • For Memorial Day Weekend, the Alpine side will be open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 8am-2pm.
  • The last day for the Funitel will be Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day)
  • The last day for the Aerial Tram will be Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day). It will re-open in June for summer sightseeing and activities.
  • Palisades Rental Shop, Demo Center, and Ticket Office will be open through May 29th (Memorial Day).
  • Palisades Ski School Private Lessons will be available through May 29th (Memorial Day).
  • At Alpine, Scott and Sherwood may be open on an alternating schedule. Sherwood is often open in the mornings, and when it closes, we open Scott for the afternoon.

June Operations:
  • Alpine will be open for skiing & snowboarding on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week.
  • Palisades will be closed to skiing & snowboarding, but The Village at Palisades Tahoe will be open.
  • The Aerial Tram will be closed from May 30th-June 15th.
  • The Aerial Tram at Palisades will re-open for sightseeing and activities for the second two weekends in June: June 16th-18th and June 23rd-25th. It will open for daily operations starting June 30th.Sightseeing hours: 10am-4:20pm (last upload to High Camp is at 4:20pm; last download is at 5pm).
  • Ski Team camp will be hosted at Palisades from June 24th-July 2nd, with a day off on June 28th.

July Operations:
  • Alpine ONLY will be open for skiing & snowboarding June 30th through 4th.
  • Palisades will NOT be open for skiing & snowboarding, but the Aerial Tram will be open for sightseeing and activities. Aerial Tram sightseeing hours: 10am-4:20pm (last upload to High Camp is at 4:20pm; last download is at 5pm).
  • The Village at Palisades Tahoe will be open daily throughout the summer.
Why is the Funitel closing on Monday, May 29th?
We have had a Funitel haul rope (main cable) replacement scheduled for over two years and this is a major and necessary maintenance project that requires significant advance planning. We did attempt to postpone the project when we knew that we would have a longer season, but we were unable to adjust the schedule. Crews from the lift manufacturer are coming from Europe to do this work and there was, unfortunately, no other option than June to complete this work.

Why isn't there skiing at Palisades in the summer? Why can't you run Wa She Shu instead of the Funitel?
While we replace the Funitel haul rope, absolutely no travel will be allowed under the Funitel. This means that the KT Deck will be closed, the Via Ferrata will have a delayed opening, and lifts like Wa She Shu or Big Blue cannot operate during this time.

Why aren't both mountains operating 7 days a week in May?
We are excited to be able to offer skiing and snowboarding at both mountains through May, with an offering every day of the week. Normally, we would not operate both resorts this late into the season and we saw this as an opportunity to provide extended skiing and riding at both Alpine and Palisades, providing more terrain choices, different experiences and as a way to provide continuing access for both Alpine and Palisades loyalists.

Why does the Base to Base Gondola close on April 30th? Will the Base to Base Gondola re-open for 4th of July?
We realize that this is not ideal given the current situation of deep snowpack and Funitel project work. However, when negotiating the operating terms of the Base to Base Gondola, we agreed to an April 30th closing date as part of our arrangement with the Granite Chief Wilderness Protection League. We are not able to operate the gondola beyond April 30th or for any summer dates.

Will Palisades re-open for the 4th of July?
At this time, we plan for only Alpine to be open for the 4th of July. While Palisades will not be open for skiing and riding on the 4th of July, there will still be plenty to do. The vibrant Village will be open daily, as will the Aerial Tram starting in June for sightseeing and activities at High Camp.

We will plan to operate shuttles between the two base areas so that guests can enjoy the skiing/riding and live music at Alpine as well as lodging, dining, shopping and the Aerial Tram at The Village at Palisades Tahoe with a convenient transportation option.

Will uphill or backcountry travel be allowed at Palisades or Alpine?
No. Uphill/backcountry travel is NOT permitted at either mountain, even when the resort is closed.

Is there somewhere I can go sledding at either mountain?
No. Sledding is not permitted in either base area or on either mountain.

What is the dog policy this spring? Can I bring my dog to the mountain?
While dogs are welcome in The Village at Palisades Tahoe or down by the Subway chair at Alpine, dogs are never permitted on snow and they are not permitted in the Alpine Lodge. This is very important for the safety of our avalanche dogs, who are working on-snow.
Please note: June and July will look a bit different than summers past. Typically, we run the Funitel at Palisades up to the upper mountain throughout the warmer months. This year, we have to replace the haul ropes on the Funitel. This sizeable project has been in the works for several years and despite the huge amount of snowfall we've received, we cannot adjust or change the date of the project in any way. This means we won't be skiing or snowboarding at Palisades on the 4th of July, but we hope you are super excited about the alternative: Skiing and riding at Alpine on the 4th of July!


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