We’re glad you’re here. Many think of Palisades Tahoe as a place for expert skiers or snowboarders only, but in reality, our diverse and expansive terrain makes it's an ideal place to learn. We’ve got gentle terrain to help you get started, top-quality private and group instruction for all ages and abilities, and convenient gear rental to make getting on the mountain easy—even if you have no idea how to load a chairlift. (You’ll find out soon.) Besides, where else can new skiers and riders take an Aerial Tram to the top of a mountain for mellow, beginner slopes with stunning views of Lake Tahoe? At Palisades Tahoe, you can do just that.

Hot Tips:

  • Find the beginner areas. We have several areas on our mountain dedicated specifically to First Timers & Beginners. On our trail maps, a Green Circle always indicates the easiest way down.
  • If you are planning on driving your own vehicle, read up on our parking information before you arrive so you know what to expect.
  • Check the weather before arriving. Our mountains experience a plethora of different weather conditions. Need help knowing what to pack? Check out our Lake Tahoe Packing Guide blog. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  • Wear multiple insulated layers to the mountain. Don’t forget thick socks, gloves or mittens, a neck gator, a warm hat, and handwarmers.
  • Pack a snack in your pocket, just in case you get hungry on the chairlift.
  • Forget to pack something? No worries, Parallel Mountain Sports in The Village at Palisades Tahoe and Estelle Sports in the Alpine Lodge have what you need.

Lessons AND Guides

Book a Group or Private Lesson
Learn to ski or snowboard with our world-class instructors by signing up for our lessons and guides. Your instructor will take you to terrain that best suits your skillset and provide you with helpful tips.

Here are some important things to keep in mind for your lesson:

  • Lessons do not automatically include rental equipment but can be added at checkout.
  • Make a note of which mountain your reservation is for, Alpine or Palisades.
  • We offer both half-day and full-day lessons, depending on your age. If you are learning, we suggest taking multiple full-day lessons to build up your skills.
  • We suggest you show up at least an hour before your lesson. Parking, picking up rental equipment, and getting to your meeting spot can take time.
Group Lessons

Learn in the company of others who are at the same skill level. Get everything you need to help you work on your skills and build confidence on the slopes.

Book a Group Lesson
Private Lesson

Your one-on-one session with an instructor will be tailored to your specific needs & interests while helping you learn critical skills. Get tips and tricks from your instructor to build confidence and refine your technique.

Book a Private Lesson
Lift Tickets

Our Lift Tickets give you access to both Palisades and Alpine. You'll want to book online in advance to get the best rate. Day-of tickets are almost always more expensive. Planning ahead and purchasing as soon as you have a date in mind is the best way to save money.

Check out our Deals and Packages page to find discounted ways to access the lifts, or buy your lift tickets in advance to save. Some Lessons & Guides programs include a lift ticket, so double check that you aren’t doubling up if you’re planning to take a lesson, too.

Book Lift Tickets

Rental Equipment

No matter which of our two mountains you start out at, our staff are trained to find equipment that fits perfectly & matches your skill level. We recommend booking equipment at least two days in advance to ensure that what you need is available. Walk-ins are typically an option, but they are not guaranteed. Visit our Ski & Snowboard Rentals page for more and to place your order.

Reserve your Rentals
Mountain Safety & Courtesy

We want you to keep yourself and others safe while at Palisades Tahoe or other ski resorts. Skiing and snowboarding are adventurous and exhilarating sports but they come with inherent risks. Please read and practice our Mountain Safety Policies and Mountain Courtesy Policies. Following these polices will help you stay as safe as possible while enjoying the slopes.

Learn More
Find the Best Terrain For You

Navigate your way around our 6,000 acres of skiable terrain according to your skill level. Take a look at our progression plans for both our mountains. These are sample itineraries based on skiing and riding ability. For a fun and comprehensive way to discover the best terrain for your ability and style, please consider booking a lesson or guide.

Palisades Tahoe Progression Plan

Alpine Progression Plan
The Palisades Tahoe App

Get the most out of the mountain by downloading our Palisades Tahoe App. Have all the up-to-date information you need on lift & trail status, parking status & road conditions, maps, and more in the palm of your hand. Plus, you can use our app on the slopes to track your progress while unlocking different medals and achievements as you learn.

Download the Palisades Tahoe App
How do I get to Palisades Tahoe?
The Village at Palisades Tahoe is located at 1960 Olympic Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA 96146.
The Alpine side is located at 2600 Alpine Meadows Rd, Alpine Meadows, CA 96146.

For further tips on getting here, check out our Travel Here page.

Where do I park at Palisades Tahoe?

For all information regarding parking please visit our parking page.

Can I take public transportation to Palisades Tahoe?

Yes! The Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) buses drop off at both mountains. For more on this, visit their website.

Is there a shuttle between the two mountains?

Yes, you can take the Palisades Tahoe Shuttle for free between the base areas of our two mountains. For information on this and our other shuttles, please visit our Getting Around page.
Can I buy lift tickets online?
To get the best deal on lift tickets, we always recommend purchasing lift tickets online in advance. Once you have purchased your online tickets, you can opt to have them mailed to you prior to your visit. If you purchase within a 10-day window of visiting, you must come to any ticket window at Palisades Tahoe to pick up your physical ticket. You will need your purchase confirmation and a valid ID.

I saw that lift tickets are RFID. Can you tell me more about that?

RFID is a small circuit integrated into your ticket. When you enter the gates, this circuit will register and the gate will open automatically. RFID cards must be kept in a pocket away from cell phones and credit cards. We recommend keeping your ticket in a pocket on the left-hand side of your body. Holes cannot be punched in your ticket, as that will damage the RFID circuit.

I lost my ticket. What do I do?
Please visit one of our ticket office locations with your purchase confirmation and a valid ID.

What are the hours of the ticket office?

Please visit our Hours of Operations page to see the current operating hours for our ticket offices.
Do I have to Book rentals online?
No, but it is strongly recommended that you purchase online in advance. Walk-ins may be available, but they are not guaranteed. It is best to reserve your equipment ahead of time to ensure that you have a seamless day on the mountain.

How much do rentals cost?
For information on rental pricing, please visit our Rentals page.

I don't know what size ski/snowboard I am. What should I do?
Please give us a call at 800-403-0206 and one of our representatives will assist you.

Can my child rent equipment if I am not there?

A child must have an adult present to rent equipment and must have a parent/guardian available to sign a release of liability waiver.
What do I bring/wear?
We recommend wearing warm layers to the mountain along with waterproof snow pants, a waterproof jacket, and waterproof gloves or mittens. We also recommend wearing a helmet with goggles. Skiers will need skis, ski boots, and ski poles. Snowboarders will need snowboard boots and a snowboard. We also recommend bringing snacks, a water bottle, and money to buy lunch at the resorts.

Can I leave my belongings in the lodge while I ski?
You can rent daily lockers if you need a place to store your belongings. You can also store belongings in your car, as most parking is close to The Village at Palisades Tahoe or the Alpine Lodge. We do not recommend leaving valuables in the lodge unless you have rented a locker.

I don't have goggles. Can I buy some at the resort?

Yes, you can buy goggles, gloves, helmets, jackets, snowpants and other ski & snowboard gear at these retails stores: Parallel Mountain Sports, Oakley, The North Face, The Ledge Board Shop and Patagonia in The Village at Palisades Tahoe and Estelle Sports at Alpine.
Do you have staff available to answer my questions / help me find my way around?
When at the resort, look for our Mountain Hosts in yellow jackets. They can answer your questions and direct you to wherever you need to go.

Do you have a place I can buy groceries or over-the-counter pharmaceutical items?

You can visit Alice's Mountain Market for groceries or over-the-counter pharmaceutical items.

My child/spouse/family member/friend does not want to ski or snowboard. What can they do while I am on the mountain?

There are always fun events and activities going on at Palisades Tahoe, including live music, festivals, tubing, dining, and shopping. Here are some useful links:
I'M scared about riding the lifts! Are they safe?
All of our lifts are equipped with restraining bars. Lift attendants are available at every lift to help you get on and off.

Since I am a beginner, what signs should I look for?

The easiest runs are always marked with a green circle. An intermediate run is a blue square and an expert/advanced run is a black diamond. Be sure to stay on green circle runs until you feel confident moving up!

Where can I find out about the current weather & conditions?

For snow & weather information, visit this page. For live webcams, visit this page. To see the current open lifts and to see which runs are groomed, visit this page.

Where can I find trail maps?

To view our trail maps, visit this page. To explore the iconic lifts at our mountain and plan where you are going to ride, please visit our Legendary Lifts page. Trail maps will also be available in our ticket offices, rental shops, and with our Mountain Hosts.

Can I ride the chairlifts without ski/snowboard equipment?

Our lifts are only available to guests with equipment. However, non-ski/snowboard guests may purchase an Aerial Tram ticket that grants them access to the Aerial Tram & High Camp area and to the Funitel gondola. Find out more here.
I want to take a beginner lesson. What are my options?
For ages 13 and up, you can take a private beginner lesson or a group beginner lesson. Children may also take private beginner lessons or join one of our group lessons. Additionally, families may take a family private lesson.

Do I need to make a reservation for lessons?

While lessons do not always fill up, we recommend booking ahead of time to ensure you get a spot. Be especially mindful of weekends and holidays, as lessons on those days fill up faster than others. To book your lesson, please visit our Lessons page or call 1-(800)-403-0206.

Do you have any deals on lessons?

Please visit this page to see our most current offerings for lesson deals.

What age do your lessons start at? Do you offer childcare for children too young to participate in lessons?

Lessons begin at age 3 for both skiing and snowboarding. We do not offer childcare at this time.

Please note: each lesson page has its own specific set of FAQs. Please visit the FAQ page for the lesson you plan on booking for more detailed information.
What non-ski activities can we do as a family?
Our most popular non-ski activity is snowtubing. Children over 40" may participate in snowtubing, as can adults. To find the perfect activity for you and your family, check out our Activity Finder.

Do you have childcare or a nursery?

We do not offer childcare at this time.

Do you host family-friendly events?

We do! Our Events Calendar is always the best place to look, but some highlights include our Holiday offerings for kids such as carriage rides and visits from Santa. We also host Kid-O-Rama every February, which is a week-long schedule full of fun activities for kids!
I still have questions!
Give us a call at 1-(800)-403-0206 and we will help you.

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