723 inches of season snowfall this year calls for a party like no other! For the first time in more than a decade Alpine will be open into the summertime, giving you the opportunity to carve unforgettable memories from June 30 through July 4. To best prepare you for this celebration, here is a look ahead…

How To Enjoy Freedom Fest
Surf Mesa is a dreamer who creates nostalgic electronic ballads, offering romance and refuge with his music. His songs like "ily (i love you baby)" and "Somewhere" have resonated worldwide, achieving platinum certification and billions of streams, as he continues to craft catchy, chill pop music that brings solace and joy to listeners.
The Los Angeles-based indie electronic duo, Forester, crafts lush soundscapes that evoke the beauty of nature and aim to nourish the human soul. Their music captures the freedom and healing power experienced in the mountains, resonating with listeners worldwide and garnering millions of streams, while also embodying their conservationist vision without the need for words.
Zebuel, a Southern-born producer, guitarist, and DJ, brings a unique blend of funk, soul, reggae, and bass-heavy beats to his music. Collaborating with artists like CharlesTheFirst and Poldoore, his tracks have been remixed by SubDocta, Deejay Theory, and more. Known for his thriving weekly event, Smoked Out Soul, Zebuel and his crew create bass-heavy future funk and soul parties across the West Coast, performing at festivals and renowned venues.
Los Angeles-based act, Wild Child, recreates the magic and madness of a live Doors concert with authentic sound, feel, and delivery. Lead singer Dave Brock, chosen by Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger as their vocalist, embodies the spirit of Jim Morrison, earning accolades from renowned sources as a respectful and uncannily close tribute to The Doors.

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